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Op-Ed: Greed vs money vs politics vs unquestioning stupidity — You’re not winning

What do you guys think the expression “useless morons” means?

America is off track. Immigration and homelessness crisis in large metropolises like Los Angeles is the best example. — Image: © AFP
America is off track. Immigration and homelessness crisis in large metropolises like Los Angeles is the best example. — Image: © AFP

During any crisis, the incumbent government is always on the back foot. The government is seen as responsible by default. Around the world, the cost of living crisis is likely to topple governments left right, and center.

In this case, runaway greed is the real problem. Prices were raised not because of interest rates or ideologies, but because they could. Nobody could be bothered trying to stop them.

There was never the slightest need to raise prices to this extent. One look at the numbers says it all. Forget the pandemic as an excuse. A few percentage points in interest are nothing when you’re already making billions anyway.  

It’s called “Greedflation”. Large numbers of highly profitable companies and businesses added double-digit price increases. This wasn’t in the playbook for basic socioeconomics, so nobody knows how to deal with it. It can be done, but it’s not easy.

The political fallout will be severe. Hicks still think politicians run the world, for example. They don’t and they can’t. They’re dependent on whatever delirious drivel their donors or more aptly their owners demand.

The social fallout will be catastrophic as usual. The fact that most of these highly insulated donors are totally illiterate whacko baseline losers is relevant.  They have no skills or talents.  

Corporate people are trained to sit in meetings doing deals with each other. They have never needed to know anything about life, politics, economics, or anything else, and they don’t.

These guys aren’t going to change, either. They get paid well for the disasters. They will continue to jack up prices because that’s what they do, as far as they know.

Rents and other psychotic gouging charges could go down by 30% and nobody would suffer much.

Do you remember something called “news media”? In the past, people in politics and business could be called out for any failings. The pressure from media was extremely powerful.

Not anymore. The “news media” don’t get in the way of business anymore. No difficult questions are asked, and no meaningful answers are expected. Any cretin can say anything, however ridiculous, and get applause from fawning 2-dimensional glove puppets.

So, let’s ask some questions for a change:

What are right-wingers pretending they’ll do about the cost of living? Still trying to rent a vocabulary from somewhere cheap?  

Why are left-wingers also so quiet on that subject? Pick up a phone and get something done. Food, shelter, whatever, ASAP. That means now. No excuses.  

What the hell have any of you turgid, plodding little China-hutch dwellers ever done for anyone but yourselves? Prove it.

How many businesses are thrilled their overheads are killing them?

Why is it that Al Capone could open soup kitchens during the Depression, and you do nothing? Billionaires can’t even be bothered to bruise the air with a comment on this mess?  They’re making more billions, and they want sympathy?

What are any of these corporate/political tourists in human life experience going to do about those two broke generations? These kids will be lucky to find a packet of Doritos to live in.

Meanwhile, you’re all “patriots” who won’t even help your own kids and grandkids?

What do you guys think the expression “useless morons” means?



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