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Video of carnage outside Paris theater published online

A video published by Le Monde on Saturday offers a glimpse into the chaotic scene of dozens fleeing gunfire outside a concert hall in central Paris.

The venue was home to a concert by the American band Eagles of Death Metal.

The video, taken from an apartment balcony, shows a slew of people racing down a passageway in the building to a side street. There is also footage of concert-goers trying to flee the building by climbing out second-storey windows.

At least one person is shown in the video squirming on the ground as scores more run past out the door, some of them bloodied or limping. The video also focuses on a man pulling someone down the alleyway, and later getting help from another man to carry the body to safety.

Throughout the 2:47 video gunshots ring out, as do screams and cries from the concert-goers.

Le Monde said its reporter, Daniel Psenny, who filmed the scene from his apartment balcony, was shot in the arm after he stopped filming, when he went downstairs to help someone in the alley, as USA Today writes.

As to the gunmen, a French national is believed to be among four men who stormed a Paris concert hall overnight, killing at least 82 people

When the gunmen held hostages at the concert venue, French officers entered the venue where hostages were being held but the attackers, wearing suicide belts, blew themselves up.

The near-simultaneous attacks in Paris that killed at least 128 people were an “act of war” carried out by the Islamic State (IS) militant group, French President Francois Hollande says.

An IS statement claimed this attack was the “first of a storm.”

Today we learned Belgian police raided a neighbourhood of the capital Brussels in connection with the deadly attacks in Paris. Several witness in the region reported that some of the attackers arrived in a vehicle with Belgian license plates.

The world is mourning this terrifying tragedy, with political leaders showing their support for France. “We are reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds of liberte, egalite, fraternite, are not just the values French people share, but we share,” said US President Barack Obama, citing France’s national motto.

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