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Global Peace Initiative ‘Save Israel’: Dr. Paul fights Iran deal (Includes interview)

Dr. Paul is a humanitarian crusader for peace and is gravely concerned about not just the survival of Israel, but the entire human race as he believes it has been put at risk by the Obama administration’s recent nuclear deal that he believes actually empowers Iran.

Global Peace Initiative aims to stand up against Iran Nuclear Deal

According to the Whitehouse ‘The United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, Russia and Germany — along with the European Union, have achieved a long-term comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran that will verifiably prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and ensure that Iran’s nuclear program will be exclusively peaceful going forward.” The deal has become unsettling for many, even those who are supporters of President Obama.

The Global Peace Initiative’s Save Israel and Save the Middle East campaign is in response to the recent Iran Deal. Dr. Paul states, “I believe that the deal will empower Iran while endangering Israel as well as the rest of the civilized world. This horrific deal literally lights the fuse to nuclear conflict the likes the world has never seen. Our historic peace initiative is a coalition that includes leaders throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia who are standing up against Obama’s horribly negotiated and deadly Iran Nuclear Deal. The world must now defeat this deal by any and all means if we are to survive – it’s that serious.”

I had the honored pleasure of speaking with Dr. Paul about his efforts and beliefs.

Founder of the Global Peace Initiative, and having been a high profile guest of state by numerous Middle Eastern nations including Libya, Syria, Sudan, Jordan and even by Iran itself two times, the most recent in 2013, Dr. Paul is in a distinctive position to speak to the dangers he feels that this deal introduces into the already unstable Middle East and world.

CRW: What do you feel is unsettling about the deal with Iran?

Dr. Paul: Everything in the deal, We get nothing, they get everything! This is worse than Iraq. Back in Dec. 23, 2002, after working 18 months in Iraq negotiating with Hussein, and Iraq Vice President Ramadan I was given warning by Karl Rove and Condoleezza Rice that we cannot do anything and cannot go back to do a big Peace Rally. I warned all my friends in the Republican hierarchy, including Mike Huckabee that this will lead to an Iraq war that will kill more than 2,000,000 in Iraq, will kill thousands of Americans, cost more than 2 trillion and also create unnecessary terrorists.

I believe that the Iran deal is 100 times worse and will cause World War III. I have outlined ten reasons why this deal should not be made:

1. Iran cannot be trusted to keep promises based on decades of empirical evidence and past performance.
2. Iran’s top leaders, including the Ayatollah himself, have clearly stated that they will not change their armament plans and that they have a right to such weapons.
3. Iran has refused to agree on any of the initial “deal-breaking” demands of the U.S., including allowing U.S. inspectors in prior to ratifying the deal.
4. Iran continues to sponsor terrorism throughout the region – and now with 10’s of billions of dollars in additional income thanks to this deal, their terrorist activities are guaranteed to increase 100 times over.
5. Iran’s leaders call for death to Israel and death to America even now.
6. Iran’s deal will allow this radical state to develop weapons like North Korea.
7. Iran is more committed to wiping out Israel today than ever before.
8. With the growing support of Russia and China, Iran is already preparing for World War III and believes it is the nation’s destiny to bring it about.
9. To save Israel is to save the Middle East and to save the world.
10. Finally, members of Congress must stop trying to appease this White House, their respective party leaders, or the international community

This deal with Iran is a great disaster, with President Obama and John Kerry leading it.

CRW: How did you develop this interest with Israel?

Dr. Paul: I stand for all of the middle eastern countries. Iran is about a year away from achieving the nuclear bomb. As soon as they get money they will be able to attack using nuclear weapons. The bible says very simply “If you bless Israel you are blessed, If you curse Israel, you are cursed” Every Christian should support Israel because it is a command of God in the Bible. Whomever follows Jesus should follow and support Israel.

CRW: What are your views of Israel and India having a common enemy in religious fundamentalism?

Dr. Paul: India is standing with Israel because I am advising how closely India’s belief in Gandhi means India should always promote peace and oppose war. The Iran deal will cause a War World III. India hosts second largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia. Iran extremists must be stopped by all of the peace loving people of the world. Extremists in Christian faith and Jewish faith are one in a million. Now with Iran leadership there are thousands of crazy extremists.

CRW: What do you feel would be a good alternative to making this deal?

Dr. Paul: The Bill should be cancelled and then only then can alternatives be considered. I would like all people reading this to call their Senators and Congress representatives to tell them specifically “If you work for the Iran Bill we will vote you out in the next election”. If you love America, love Israel and love peace you must work hard to convince all friends through social media, religious temples and churches and institutions to contact the politicians to state that you will vote them out if they vote for the deal.

CRW: Although you speak of Iran’s radical regime, Hassan Rouhani who is currently President of Iran is a more reasonable political leader than their previous leader. Rouhani is up for reelection in 2016. If there is no deal it’s likely that he will be voted out of office in favor of someone more radical. How do you feel that will that effect global peace?

Dr. Paul: There are no real elections in Iran. Iran is run by one supreme man, it is not a democracy. Until the supreme leader Sayyid Ali Khamenei can be convinced to give up Iran’s desire of making bombs and allow inspections there should be no deal. The two party system has destroyed America. We need a third party that people can trust.

Dr. Paul has been spending his life working tirelessly throughout the world in promoting peace. In a letter written Aug. 9, 2015 Dr. Paul is pleaded with President Obama to not make the mistake of making this deal with Iran. In an excerpt Dr. Paul explained how the war in Iraq could of been avoided:

By God’s grace, as a global peacemaker and mediator between the Bush Administration and Saddam Hussein and his cabinet, few even know that I was 100% successful in convincing Hussein to step down and go into exile for the good of his people, precluding any eventuality of war with Iraq. In fact, I was invited along with my team to conduct a peace rally in the heart of Bagdad on December 23, 2002, hosted by Hussein himself at his step down ceremony. After learning of it, Susan Ralston, “speaking on behalf of President Bush and Karl Rove,” denied our request to effect this change and inexplicably reversed course in favor of war. The Administration informed us in no uncertain terms that if my American team of Peace Ambassadors left the U.S. for Baghdad we would never be welcomed back into the U.S. ever again, and that if we went they could not even “guarantee our safety from U.S. forces.

In order to avoid an even bigger tragedy than the Iraq war Dr. Paul went on in the letter to further plead his convictions against the deal:

With 30 years experience as an advisor to dozens of presidents in the Middle East and Africa, including Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Sudan; I am openly advising you that until Iran’s supreme leader has a radical change of heart and opens up all nuclear sites for immediate inspections, you should not use your bully pulpit to force Congress to accept this deal. Nor should you support it any longer yourself.

With an alliance of religious and world leaders Dr. Paul stands in defense of Israel against Iran.

Dr. Paul has been referred to by the NY Times as “The next Billy Graham” and by New Republic Magazine “The world’s most popular evangelist” today. He has worked tirelessly to promote peace in the world. With Dr. Paul leading, a coalition of world leaders and religious figures are acting in defense of Israel against Iran’s radical and aggressive regime.

Please watch the video Dr. K. A. Paul 7 Major Religious Leaders to save Israel & Middle East to view the leaders discussion.

Parshottam Rupala, Vice President of India’s Ruling Party, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has expressed his support for this peace initiative. Rupala says, “I am delighted to accept the invitation of Dr. K.A. Paul to travel to Israel to meet with several of Israel’s ministers. I’ve enjoyed traveling with Dr. K.A. Paul as a Global Peace Ambassador to promote peace around the world and I will stand with Israel and other nations of the world to oppose war and stop future crisis. I am in support of Dr. Paul’s peace initiative, Save Israel and Save the Middle East.”

Peace is the ultimate goal for Dr. Paul, referring to Global Peace Initiative mission statement “Global Peace Initiative seeks to foster world peace by empowering people worldwide to embrace their most vulnerable neighbors like widows and orphans and to change the conditions causing their suffering. GPI endeavors to resolve local conflict by providing direct and immediate humanitarian relief and by instituting innovative and indigenous programming centers on every continent.”

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