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Georgia Senate runoff between Warnock, Walker has bitter closing

The extended Senate campaign between Raphael Warnock, and challenger, Herschel Walker, is now in the home stretch.

DC Voting rights bill under fire. Credit - Owen Yancher, CC SA 4.0.
DC Voting rights bill under fire. Credit - Owen Yancher, CC SA 4.0.

The extended Senate campaign between Democratic incumbent, Raphael Warnock, and his Republican challenger, Herschel Walker, is now in the home stretch.

The week-long early voting sprint began on Saturday, with the secretary of state’s office reporting that at least 70,000 people voted Saturday, according to the Washington Post.

However, the extended campaign between Warnock and Walker has grown increasingly bitter as their Dec. 6 runoff nears.

“Herschel Walker ain’t serious,” Warnock told supporters recently in central Georgia, saying that Walker “majors in lying” and fumbles the basics of public policy. “But the election is very serious. Don’t get those two things confused.”

Walker, not to be outdone, casts Warnock, the senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, as a “hypocrite” and servile to President Joe Biden. Underscoring the insult, Walker called the incumbent “Scooby-Doo,” complete with an impression of the cartoon hound’s gibberish.

This year, Warnock is looking to win a full, six-year term, after winning the 2021 special election, and if successful, this will give Democrats an outright Senate majority, meaning that the parties would not have to negotiate a power-sharing agreement.

This runoff campaign is also one of the most expensive Senate campaign races in the midterms, with Warnock continuing to outraise Walker as they enter the final stretch, reports CNN News.

Warnock raised nearly $52.2 million from October 20 through November 16, a period covering the end of the general election and roughly the first week of the runoff.

Walker collected $20.9 million in that time, according to his campaign’s filings with the Federal Election Commission. Warnock ended the period with more than $29.7 million remaining in the bank, more than three times the $9.8 million left in the coffers of his rival.

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