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GBRS Group gears up for a packed summer

The company supports several different charitable organizations that help veterans, first responders, and their families

Photo courtesy of GBRS Group
Photo courtesy of GBRS Group

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Co-founded by two retired Navy SEALs, Global Battlefield Research Solutions (GBRS) offers tactical training to special operations units in both the military and civilian worlds. But that’s not all — GBRS Group also has a mobility and strength program, online training courses, and an extensive catalog of tactical gear, clothing, and more. It’s quite a sprawling operation that continues to grow in influence and impact as it also contributes time and effort to supporting causes for veterans and first responders. 

The story of GBRS Group’s early days as a company as well as where they are today and the community impact they create for veterans offers a window into one of the country’s fastest-growing veteran-owned businesses and how they are reshaping their industry.

GBRS Group’s beginnings

GBRS was co-founded in 2019 by retired Navy SEALs Cole Fackler and DJ Shipley. “We met in 2003 while attending BUD/s, the training course to become a Navy SEAL,” says Shipley. “We graduated together and were both assigned to SEAL Team 10 back in Virginia Beach. We deployed to Iraq three times together and later served at the Special Mission unit until we were medically retired.”

The two forged an unbreakable bond and mastered tactical skills, but they also found that their experience as Navy SEALs prepared them for entrepreneurship — particularly when it comes to strategy. 

“Working in high-performance teams to achieve a common goal is a universal formula for success,” Shipley says. “If that doesn’t work, we are very experienced at working long hours with little sleep and grinding through to get the job done.” 

Giving back to veterans

For Shipley and Fackler, their time on the global battlefield prepared them for a successful second career in Virginia Beach. Now, through GBRS Group, they’re giving back. The company supports several different charitable organizations that help veterans, first responders, and their families.

One is the Special Operations Care Fund (SOC-F), an organization offering financial and medical support for Special Operations personnel and their families. SOC-F helps injured Special Operations veterans access cutting-edge medical treatments for traumatic brain injuries.

Another is The Navy SEAL Danny Dietz Foundation, a foundation offering grants to Special Operators injured in combat, first responders injured on the job, and their surviving family members.

The GBRS Group also supports Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS). VETS aims to end veteran suicide by funding therapies for psychological and physiological injuries.

What’s next for GBRS

The GBRS Group has a full calendar for the summer ahead. “We have a lot of different trips going on over the summer — explosive breaching training in Alaska for a SWAT team, private training courses, trade shows, fundraisers, and new product releases,” says Shipley.

GBRS will also be collaborating with Raw Nutrition and Bum Energy on a new beverage. Bum Energy is the result of a collaboration between Raw Nutrition and Canadian bodybuilder Chris Bumstead, and it’s formulated to enhance both physical performance and mental focus.

As it turns out, Raw Nutrition and Bum Energy are aligned with GBRS in more ways than one. “One of the great things about working with the Raw/Bum Energy team is how patriotic they are and how they are always looking to support our military and first responder community,” says Shipley.

“Bum Energy is donating a percentage of the proceeds from each can sold back to the Navy SEAL Danny Dietz Foundation,” he continues. “It’s donations like this that spread awareness of the importance of our military and the first responder community and how much they do for us.”

The GBRS Group hasn’t yet announced the new drink’s flavor or launch date — stay tuned.

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