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Exploding whipped cream dispenser kills popular fitness blogger

▶️La pratique du culturisme de manière sérieuse et passionnée implique un mode de vie sain mais aussi un mode de vie axé sur le contrôle. ▶️Le contrôle de l'alimentation, de l'entrainement, du repos, de la vie en générale. ▶️Les journées sont rythmées par le travail, les entrainements, les repas, l'organisation et tout ce qui s'en suit. ▶️Pour ma part je me lève tous les jours à 5h30-6h00 et me couche le plus souvent à 21h. ▶️Des sorties en semaine ? Non Des party le weekend ? Encore moins, cela impliquerait alors de se coucher aux aurores pour finalement se lever trop tard et pour moi, se serait une journée de gâchée. ▶️Attention, je ne jette pas la pierre à ce qu'ils le font mais cela ne rentre juste pas mes principes et encore moins dans mon mode de vie. ▶️Tout ce que je fais dans mes journées, les heures de travail, d'entrainement, de réalisation de projets sont dépensées de façon à ce qu'au final, cela m'apporte quelque chose de concret et m'aide à atteindre quotidiennement mes objectifs. ▶️Peut-être que ce rythme de vie peut choquer ou provoquer l'incompréhension de pas mal de gens, mais c'est ma vie, celle dans laquelle je me sens vivante, heureuse et épanouie.

A post shared by Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) on

The blogger, Rebecca Burger, died on Sunday. Her family announced the death Burger’s social media pages and they described the incident as a domestic accident.

Burger’s family posted a warning to her followers. They uploaded an example of the cartridge from the whipped cream that exploded. The post continued to say that the cartridge that caused her death was sealed and that people should not use that type of device in their homes.

French authorities told the newspaper 20 Minutes that Burger, 33, suffered cardiac arrest at her home on Saturday. When firefighters arrived at the scene, they were able to revive her heartbeat, but she died the following day at the hospital.

Besides posting fitness photos and fitness related content on Instagram, Burger ran the lifestyle blog Rebecca Likes. She used the blog to document her outfits and travel. On June 10, she uploaded her first YouTube video showing her in Bali.

Women’s Best, an online health store, paid tribute to Burger. The store, which Burger promoted, took to Instagram to express their sadness. They described Burger as a great fitness figure and a generous person to work with. They finished the post by saying they were and will always be proud of Rebecca.

Not the first incident of its kind
This isn’t the first time a whipped cream dispenser has caused harm to a person. One French consumer group has warned consumers for years about faulty connectors on the gas capsules.

Injuries caused can range from multiple fractures to tinnitus or broken teeth. In one case, someone loss an eye. The number of cases prompted the French government to issue a warning saying that accidents go back as far as 2010.

In one incident, a victim ended up with six broken ribs and a broken sternum after a cream dispenser exploded. While he was at the hospital, he was told that if the blast and shock was facing his heart, then he would be dead.

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