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Woman aborts baby because it was a boy

In the post, the woman talked about how she unexpectedly fell pregnant, but she knew she was ready to be a mother.

The woman wrote about how she discovered that she was pregnant in 2012, but a few events led her to make the decision to abort the child because it was a boy. She explained how she had a confrontation with a man while she was on a plane, making her way to an Occupy Wall Street rally. She said that confrontation played a role in her decision because she was told she should “know” her place.

She said she had a meltdown when the doctor told her she was going to have a boy. The woman continued to say that she was crying and weeping at the thought of what she was going to be “cursing” the world with.

According to Huffington Post, the woman, ‘Lana’, stated that a number of her friends and family have stopped communicating with her, and she was surprised by this.

‘Lana’s’ post received quite a few negative comments, and she responded. She said that she finds it difficult to hate people. She continued to say that people should take a look at themselves and decide whether they want to live their life angry online, or fight for a woman’s right to do whatever she wants with her body.

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