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FacePalm Friday: ‘Batman’ stole cash from tourist in NYC

This is my weekly column FacePalm Friday, where I take a look at offbeat news. You can go and read last week’s column here.

Two tourists from Ireland stopped to take a photo with Jose Escalona-Martinez, 42, because he was dressed as Batman. However, while the two were taking a photo with him, Escalona-Martinez attempted to steal $50 from them.

Police say that Escalona-Martinez took off after he took the money from one of the tourist’s hand. Eventually he was caught and placed under arrest. He is now facing grand larceny and possession of stolen property charges.

Shortly after Escalona-Martinez was caught, photos started to make their rounds on social media. One Twitter account wrote that it was a dark night for Gotham when a fake Batman is led away in a pair of handcuffs.

This isn’t the first time Escalona-Martinez has been in trouble while dressed as Batman. A few years ago he was arrested for misdemeanor assault after he and another man dressed as Spider-man attacked a man who had allegedly heckled them.

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