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West Philippine Sea Coalition to hold protest rally against China (Includes interview and first-hand account)

In a press briefing held at ALEX lll Restaurant in Quezon City Tuesday, Alunan said that a global protest will take place on July 25 in front of Aristocrat Restaurant along Roxas Boulevard in Manila.

The protest, which started in 2013, is aimed at mobilizing Filipinos in general and cause-oriented groups in particular to resist and counter China’s continued territorial expansion in the West Philippine Sea.

Among others, the coalition supports the legal steps taken by the country before the Arbitral Tribunal of the United Nations, It also condemns China’s illegal acts including the invasion of Scarborough Shoal and the continued reclamation of the islands in the disputed territories.

The coalition is composed of: VACC, RAM, Antidrugs advocate, Guardians, Motorcycle Philippines Federation, United Defense Manufacturing Corp., ProGun, SMX Phils and Predator Riders.

“China should look back at their peaceful rise to prosperity. But China is looking for trouble because of its aggression in the West Philippine Sea which is bad for word peace,” said Alunan, who is leading the group in resisting China’s encroachment inside the country’s 200-mile economic zone.

Alunan has called on the government to prioritize the acquisition of necessary arms and equipment that will be used to secure the country’s territory.

‘Filipinos concerned about the country’s freedom and territorial integrity are enjoined to show their patriotism. Join any of the planned protests on the 24th or 25th of July. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!’ said Alunan in a Facebook message.

Belle Enriquez, who handles the coalition’s logistical support told Digital Journal that Mel Velarde, who secured the ancient authentic map of the Philippines in an auction in England recently, will share the map with the coalition in a forum to be held next month.

The ancient map was appended in the legal documents that were submitted by the Philippines to the Arbitral Tribunal in The Hague.

Meanwhile, the Philippines is poised to reopen the former US Naval Base in Subic Bay as part of its effort to secure the country’s territorial boundaries in the West Philippine Sea in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

Under the reactivation plan, the country will station military aircraft and naval vessels in the former US Naval Base which was vacated by the US in 1992.

Some of the military equipment that will be stationed in Subic include two attack fighters aircraft that were procured by the government from Korea, which is part of a dozen units that was ordered last year and at least two frigates that will be stationed at Alaba Port in Subic.

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