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Encounter with aliens and UFOs deemed historical fact

Thomas Reed was just six-years-old when he claims his close encounters with aliens and UFOs began. He was living with his family on their Massachusetts horse farm when he began seeing UFOs in his bedroom and in the nearby woods. Reed even claims that, on multiple occasions, he and his brother were taken on board the alien ships where they were able to interact with what they have described as “ant-like creatures.” Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the story, however, is not the encounters themselves but the fact that some of the family’s UFO sightings are now being deemed historically accurate by a local historical society.

The Great Barrington Historical Society and Museum in Great Barrington Massachusetts say they believe a UFO sighting that occurred on September 1, 1969 is “historically significant and true.” Several people in the area, including the Reed family, reported seeing a UFO in the sky on the evening of September 1st. They claim it was performing odd “acrobatic maneuvers.” A local radio station even reported on the incident that evening after receiving a number of phone calls from eye witnesses. several eye-witnesses.

Although the 1969 sighting is the specific case being inducted by the historical society, the Reed family’s encounters did not stop there. Thomas Reed recalls several incidents, including a time when he and several of his family members were abducted by large ant-like creatures. He claims that he was riding in the car with his mother, grandmother and younger brother when they spotted some strange lights in the sky. Suddenly, they found themselves in a large room where they met with the creatures before winding up back in their car.

Debbie Oppermann, the director of the Great Barrington Historical Society, says she understands that many people will not agree with the event being classified as a true historical event.

“I know we’re going to get a lot of backlash. We’re going to get hammered,” she told reporters. “But we have given it an awful lot of thought, and, based on the evidence we’ve been given, we believe this is a significant and true event.”

The event is the first of its kind to be declared historical fact by a mainstream historical society in the US. The decision to induct the event comes shortly after the United States Air Force declassified their collection of UFO reports and studies known as ‘Project Blue Book.’

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