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Doting daddy makes cute eye patches for daughter

The doctors recommended wearing an eye patch for about two hours every day.

Grubb bought some plain eye patches but found them “depressing.” He decided to create his own eye patches to make it more fun for Layla.

Every day Grubb draws a new eye patch. It takes him about 20-30 minutes. He manages to get new ideas and is not afraid of running out of them. He says he has a list of ideas with inputs from his wife and family.

Grubb has posted around 105 images on Instagram. He has a following of over 1,600 on the social media site.
Grubb says that Layla does not get to see the patches much as she is wearing them. He says, “She’s happiest when she gets to take it off.”

Grubb’s designs feature many characters from pop culture. His creations have included Yoda, mutant Ninja turtle, googly eyes and even Lola bunny.

Grubb has posted Layla’s entire album with eye patches on Reddit. He said to Mashable that Layla’s vision has been developing very well. He also said on Reddit that she will most likely have to wear it until she turns four.

Grubb has said that he himself likes the Calvin and Hobbes eye patch best which he made out of cheap quality beds. It reminds him of his own childhood.
Grubb even designed a Star Wars eye patch for Layla. He completed the look with ear-muffs. In every way, Layla, looked like her namesake from the series.

On Christmas, Grubb created a special Bambi eye patch for Layla. She looked happy wearing it even if she could not see it herself as she needs laser eye surgery in Belfast.

Another adorable picture of Layla shows her wearing a patch with a smiling dog on it. She is sitting with her stuffed animal, a tiger, bursting with happiness.

Layla’s cataract is of the kind that does not need removal. The eye patches are enough to ensure normal vision development. Her dad is doing his best to make it fun for her and for himself.

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