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Dominion Voting Systems demands ex-Trump lawyer retract her lies

In the letter, obtained by the New York Times, the company alleges that the claims Powell has made in her unsuccessful lawsuits seeking to overturn the election results were “predicated on lies” and have “endangered Dominion’s business and the lives of its employees.”

As an example of one of Powell’s fabrications, she said that Dominion’s machines were made in Venezuela to help the late Hugo Chavez, but Dominion says it has no link to that nation—nor to “[Bigfoot] or the Loch Ness monster.”

The letter from the Alexandria, Virginia-based law firm Clare Locke, also warns Powell that she will be exposing herself as well as the Trump Campaign to “substantial legal risk for defamation” if she refuses to publicly recant baseless claims she made about the company.

“As a result of your false accusations, Dominion has suffered enormous harm, and its employees have been stalked, have been harassed, and have received death threats,” the letter states, per The Hill. “We demand that you immediately and publicly retract your false accusations and set the record straight. If you refuse to do so and instead choose to stand by your defamatory falsehoods, that will be viewed as additional evidence of actual malice.”

One thing to point out is that all of Powell’s claims of fraud directed at the company have not been brought up in court, despite all the lawsuits being carried out by Trump and his legal team. Powell is a smart cookie, knowing any claims against Dominion would require that she provide proof, of which there is no proof.

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Courts all across the country have rejected lawsuits brought by Powell as containing “nothing but speculation and conjecture” from “anonymous witnesses, hearsay, and irrelevant analysis of unrelated elections.”

Powell is not the only Trump associate to get a letter, though. Two days ago, the Florida-based election technology company Smartmatic said it is issuing legal notices to three conservative media outlets demanding retractions “for publishing false and defamatory statements.”

Smartmatic has been targeted by President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who is leading the Trump campaign’s attempts to overturn the election results. In a press release, Smartmatic makes clear that the company “is reserving all its legal rights and remedies, including its right to pursue defamation and disparagement claims.”

According to the 20-page letter, most of the dozens of false claims cited were made on Fox News by Giuliani and attorney Sidney Powell, with the majority of those statements delivered in mid-November on programs hosted by Maria Bartiromo or Lou Dobbs, both of whom are also accused of making their own defamatory claims about Smartmatic.

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Smartmatic’s attorney says that Giuliani and Powell will also be getting a letter, according to CNBC News.

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