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Doctor removes wrong eye from infant cancer patient

Jaime Zaldivar, the IMSS health service’s Highly Specialized Medical Units chief, said that studies showed the eye was actually healthy. As a result, the child was left blind.

The surgeon is under investigation, and he has been suspended for the incident. The parents of the child are also suing on the ground of medical negligence.

The infant had a tumor in his left eye and he was having chemotherapy to treat it, but it wasn’t working. That’s when Armando Cisneros Espinoza decided to operate on what he thought was the eye that needed to be treated.

The parents said that the doctor told them that the right eye was removed because a tumor was spotted in that eye as well. They said that they didn’t believe that a tumor was going to appear within just a few hours in their son’s good eye, while the left eye was left alone.

The mother of the child said that they are considering other treatment options for her son. She also said that the IMSS didn’t send her the report that confirmed that medical malpractice took place, but an apology was offered. She said that an apology wasn’t going to give her son back his sight.

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