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Coca-Cola contacts police after human waste found in cans

Police were called in by Coca-Cola to investigate how feces ended up in the cans at the Helllenic Bottling Company factor. The incident, which happened last week, lead to Coca-Cola suspending night-time processing at the plant.

Coca-Cola stressed that the incident was an isolated one, and no products made their way to shelves. No product currently for sale were affected by the incident.

The cans arrived at the processing plant without tops on and then they were filled with the drink before they are sealed and distributed across Northern Ireland.

A police spokesman said detectives were investigating the incident following reports of a consignment of containers being delivered to the promises that had been contaminated.

A source spoke with the Irish Independent and described the incident was horrible. They said the machines had to be turned off and it took around 15 hours to be cleaned. The source said this was unusual because the cans usually come from within the UK, but this time they originated from Germany.

The source said the rumor is that some immigrants made a long journey in the truck and when they became desperate to go to the bathroom, they decided to use the cans instead of a toilet.

The Food Standards Agency said authorities are investigating the incident, as well as the environment health unit of Lisburn and the Castlereagh city council.

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