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Attack in Afghanistan kills 13 police at checkpoint

Such attacks are common in Afghanistan

Attacks on Afghan checkpoints
are common. Taliban attacks usually loot arms and vehicles. In this attack a tank was destroyed along with several police vehicles.

Taliban often accused of the attacks

These checkpoint attacks are often blamed on the Taliban even when they do not claim responsibility but the Islamic State (ISIS) or smaller jihadist groups also carry out such attacks.

Accusations could harm peace talks

The Afghan government and the Taliban have been engaged in peace talks with the Taliban for more than two months now but the conflict continues. The talks resulted in a deal between the Taliban and the US in February which would see all US troops withdraw from Afghanistan by next May if the Taliban kept their part of the agreement which involved security guarantees and talks with the Afghan government. The Afghan government was not part of the deal but the Taliban has been having separate talks with the Afghan government. However, fighting between the Taliban and Afghan government continue.

The talks began in Qatar in September. The talks were suspended but are slated to resume on January 5 next year. Recently, Afghan president Ashraf Ghani said that he hoped the talks would carry on in Afghanistan. Both sides have agreed there had been initial progress during the talks. However, the continuation of fighting on the ground has led some officials to argue that a ceasefire and peace are not possible at present.

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