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World’s first 6TB 2.5 inch SSD is latest in iconic inventions

As reported by Fixstars “The world’s first 6TB drive is built on cutting edge 15nm MLC Flash Memory which has been packed into a dense 2.5″ form factor.” With SSD’s that are small but huge in capacity people will be able to save and access memory at quicker speeds in a personal data center that can compete with higher end hard drives. Noted by Fixstars “The Fixstars SSD-6000M supports SATA 6Gbps, providing read speeds of up to 540 MB/s, and write speeds of up to 520MB/s for sequential access.” With every year new innovations drive industries to broaden their research to seek out higher tech and more innovative inventions to grasp the public eye and drive the world even further into the future.

Iconic inventions have always held an interest and remembrances for humankind.

With every year newer innovative ideas take over the people’s interests. It is amazing how far the World has come. Before personal tech devices, groundbreaking just a half a century ago was bringing the idea that one could purchase an item seen on TV without leaving their home. Looking back at the As Seen On TV Products one can truly see how far people have come allowing them to search for and order just about anything from a personal computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere.

Where the hard drive was once the most innovative, just as compact discs and bluerays have replaced the now obsolete video cassette, the SSD is now looking to take its place in the line of iconic technological inventions. People looking for speed when storing and booting their computers will surely be assisting in fading out the traditional hard drive to trade for the SSD. SSDs are known to have an overall faster performance when it comes to booting and launching apps. In addition where hard drives have many parts that can break and cause a failure of operation and loss of data, the SSD has no added parts making it more durable and dependable.

Soon the computer hard drive will be a talked about memory along with tube TVs, transistor radios and the exciting Veg-O-Matic of the 1960’s that made way for the sleek and useful food processor of today. People have a long history of looking for the next best item to replace what one thought was the top of the class. In the future the pod coffee makers will seem slow and the novel new Fixstars small sized SSD cards will be sure to be replaced with something even smaller, quicker and capable of yet more speed, power and storage. Until tomorrow enjoy the exciting innovations of today’s World.

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Tech & Science

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