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Women in tech: Breaking barriers with Madhavi Godbole

As the tech industry continues to evolve, leaders like Madhavi Godbole can help drive innovation, mentorship, and diversity

Photo courtesy of Madhavi Godbole
Photo courtesy of Madhavi Godbole

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In a world where the technology field is often seen as a male-dominated arena, Madhavi Godbole is one of the rare ones who are changing the narrative, proving that women not only belong but can lead and innovate with distinction. Madhavi, an Oracle ERP specialist with over 23 years of experience, has demonstrated the important role that women can play in the IT industry.

Madhavi started her journey in the mid-1990s. Encouraged by her supervisor to explore ERP systems, she saw the potential to make a significant impact. Even before, ERP systems were transforming how financial systems operated within companies, moving away from inadequate internal systems to sophisticated solutions capable of handling the compliance reporting requirements of global companies.

Through dedication and hardwork, Madhavi’s ERP expertise bore fruit. She is now a respected member of the Emerging Leaders Committee and Women in Technology at Oracle Applications and Technical User Group and Ambassador of the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals. Madhavi has been honored to judge major business awards including the Globee and Stevie Awards and in-person Stanford University Hackathon event. She has also won other honors, including the India Achievers Award from the Indian Achievers Forum in 2022–2023 and the Global Recognition Award for exceptional achievement from GRA.

Over the years, Madhavi has managed several projects of implementing Oracle ERP solutions for global companies. Her role was so important throughout the process, from the initial requirements gathering through to the implementation and post-implementation support. These projects streamlined the companies’ business processes, which as a result, delivered tangible results that significantly improved data accuracy and reduced operational costs.

Madhavi’s contributions to the industry extend beyond her technical achievements. She is a thought leader who has published papers on reputable journals and blogs on International Society of Service Innovation Professionals, shedding light on the importance of ERP, Finance, and AI. Her insights have guided many in the field, offering perspectives on how to leverage technology for business excellence.

She is also known for her leadership in the global Oracle community. Madhavi has presented a lot of webinars, including her recent one on Oracle RMCS in Feb 2024. Recognized as an ADPList Rising Star Mentor and Super Mentor, she mentored individuals across continents, making a significant impact on the professional growth of many in the industry.

Madhavi’s journey and achievements show the impact that dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate women can have in the tech industry. Her story is an inspiration for aspiring tech professionals, especially women, proving that with the right skills, determination, and support, breaking barriers and achieving success in the technology sector is within reach.

As the tech industry continues to evolve, leaders like Madhavi Godbole can help drive innovation, mentorship, and diversity. Her work not only transforms businesses through Oracle ERP solutions but also paves the way for more women to follow in her footsteps. Ultimately, the goal is to make women in tech not just participants but leaders that influence the future of technology.

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