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Cloud computing innovation coming for Windows

The cloud-based update is, according to the Daily Express, being developed by the Redmond technology company and it comes under the accurate, if not so imaginative name, of Windows 10 Cloud.

The cloud based platform is described as ‘stripped back’ and ‘simple’. The Windows 10 Cloud is said to be configured to run Universal apps (officially described as ‘Universal Windows Platform’ apps) from the Windows Store and it has been conceived with the idea of running on low-end computers, including those marketed at the education and business users. Rumors suggest that the new operating system will not run apps from any other provider. As to why this is an advantage, Engadget speculates that educational institutions are more likely to select to Windows PCs if they know that students cannot infect a machine with malware or install an unapproved game.

The leaks have come from Windows Bog Italia and the description is of an operating system that appears very similar to the fully-fledged Windows 10. Forbes adds that the aim of the forthcoming Windows Cloud appears more about supplementing Windows 10 than replacing it. Microsoft are keen to increase competition in the budget sector and to take on Google’s Chrome OS. A secondary aim could be to test out a future generation of fully functional Windows, offering something more paired down but app rich. How this squares against statements released by Microsoft 18 months ago that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows is uncertain.

The system is said to be moving towards beta testing with a release penciled in as early as April 2017. Meanwhile Microsoft are keeping quiet; all that Techradar could extract from the technology giant when they probed the corporation about the Windows 10 Cloud rumors was the comment that the company “nothing to share” at this time.

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