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Microsoft’s Windows 10 download puts pressure on the Internet

As Neowin reports, sources at Streaming Media have said that Microsoft is consuming a total of 40Tbps across every major content delivery network. This is a massive amount of traffic and indeed sets a new record for the Internet, pushing it towards breaking point.
The best way to visualise just how much traffic Microsoft is pushing today is to compare it to other high-bandwidth releases. When Apple releases its annual iOS update for iPhones and iPads, it usually reserves 8Tbps. Microsoft has taken five times as much to ensure as many people as possible can get Windows 10 on day one.
Inevitably, this has consequences. You can expect the Internet in general to feel slower tonight, particularly when using other high-bandwidth services such as video streaming. Downloading Windows 10 itself will also take longer than it will in a few days because the longest traffic jam in the Internet’s history is currently growing ever longer.
As more and more people initialise downloads, the time required to complete that install is going to increase. If you don’t care too much about using Windows 10 on day one then it’s probably best to wait it out a bit until next week when things should return to normal. Your download will also complete more quickly as a result as the CDNs will be limiting maximum download speeds today to ensure that everybody gets the update in as fair a time as possible.
Streaming Media say that Microsoft is primarily relying on providers Limelight Networks, Level 3 and EdgeCast to deliver Windows 10 to users. A number of smaller providers, including Microsoft’s own CDN, will also step in to help.
If you’re noticing that the Internet is a little slower for you tonight – or if Windows 10 is taking forever to download – then this is why. Windows 10 is at least 3GB in size and providing such a large file simultaneously to millions of customers worldwide is no easy task.
A tweet from Microsoft’s Jonathan Sampson in the last few hours has revealed that Windows 10 installs are currently completing at a rate of around 16 per second. With so many downloads to provide, it’s no wonder that today has become the busiest in the history of the Internet and by a very long way.

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