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Why now is the time to take action to protect your digital identity

If hackers access your digital identity this will cause untold havoc. Here are some ideas to protect your online presence.

The largest security breach over the past year was when SolarWinds was subjected to a massive cybersecurity attack that went undetected for months. It has since been confirmed that the cause of the hack was an unsecured password.

In relation to something so seemingly simple and yet also something that carries hug consequences, how can people and enterprises avoid being the next “solarwinds123”?

May 6, 20201 provided an opportunity to reflect on this, as this date represents World Password Day. Considering the recent events, along with the rise in cybersecurity attacks over the past year, the timing of the event provides a powerful reminder about putting in place better password habits.

Clara Angotti, President & Co-Founder at Next Pathway, tells Digital Journal that password security can be improved through some simple steps.

Angotti  states: “One of the most powerful yet simple ways to improve any organization’s security posture is by enforcing strong password management policies and practicing good password hygiene, as passwords are critical gatekeepers to our digital identities and information. Passwords are the backbone of any organization’s cyber security strategy but can also be the biggest threat to an organization’s security.”

The consequences of not doing so mean that: “Weak password management can leave enterprises vulnerable to data loss and privacy violations. Organizations must enforce strong password management policies.”

Other proactive actions recommended by Angotti  are: “Organizations should train employees on company password policies and procedures to enhance password security. Password training should cover how to come up with a strong password and employees should be advised against using the same passwords across multiple applications and systems.”

“Using the same password for different accounts increases the chances of accounts being hacked. If one account is compromised, all other accounts with that same password are at risk”, says Angotti, outlining further areas to be tackled through effective training and in building a culture of compliance at work.

Angotti concludes by reminding readers about the importance of effective password management, starting: “A single password can compromise a company’s security, opening the floodgates for hackers to steal information. Once a corporate network is breached, it can have consequences that affect the entire business and everyone who works for it.”

Angotti says that World Password Day should present a timely reminder about keeping cyber-safe.

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