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Weili Dai is back: This is how MeetKai is defining the future of AI

With celebrated tech visionaries like Weili Dai back on the front lead, AI will continue to act as a technological innovator, transforming how we do certain things.

Weili Dai
Photo courtesy MeetKai
Photo courtesy MeetKai

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AI is enabling us to rethink how we integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights to make more informed decisions. As the main driver of emerging technologies like robotics and IoT, AI has created more opportunities to improve everyday tasks. With celebrated tech visionaries like Weili Dai back on the front lead, AI will continue to act as a technological innovator, transforming how we do certain things.

Weili Dai is one of America’s richest self-made women and one of the 150 most influential women. She is a former University of California Berkeley student and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Dai is also the Chairwoman of Lark Health, through which she has become a powerful advocate for the better use of technology to improve the human living condition.

Weili first made headlines as the only woman co-founder and former president of a global semiconductor company, Marvell Technology Group. The Global Semiconductor Alliance, amongst many institutions, recognized Weili and her husband Dr. Sehat Sutardja, the co-founder and former CEO of Marvell, for their exceptional success, multiple contributions to today’s semiconductor age, and the talent and expertise they have continuously demonstrated in addressing and overcoming global issues like smart energy and education.

Weili has returned with yet another massive innovation. With co-founder and CEO James Kaplan, she co-founded MeetKai, a conversational AI universe that plans to improve quality of life and productivity from common browsers and devices, making the metaverse accessible to everyone for the first time. One of MeetKai’s new products, MeetKai Reality, is a next-generation virtual tour software platform that allows users to digitize any physical space and automatically create 3D replicas in minutes. All users need to use it, is a phone or any device with a camera.

Apart from creation tools that everyone can use, the MeetKai Metaverse features a realistic mapping of the real world packed with productive and fun experiences to explore and create. Most importantly, MeetKai’s Cloud AI is the first cloud offering to enable domain-specific, knowledge-driven Virtual Humans. Instead of just chitchat or fixed knowledge from the past, MeetKai Virtual Humans can leverage any form of multimedia to instantly interact with end users, at a fraction of the cost and 10x the speed, using first in the industry real time reasoning capabilities. 

According to Weili, MeetKai’s goal is to build a platform that will positively transform everyday life, creating more opportunities and redefining people’s perception of daily tasks, retail, entertainment, real estate, architecture, engineering, and even construction. MeetKai will mark the beginning of a new era in human-AI relationships, starting with interesting partnerships like the LA Chargers, announced earlier this month, and Kura Kura Bali. 

MeetKai isn’t the only card under Weili’s sleeve. Aside from Marvell Technology, which she grew from her kitchen table to a tens of billions dollar company, Dai has either founded or mentors more than a dozen startups she works with on a daily basis. Weili enjoys dedicating most of her time and energy to her “true passion”, supporting young entrepreneurs with ideas that can move technology forward. 

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