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Video: Car crashes into crowd at Gran Turismo show in Poland

Video of the crash shows cars being paraded down a highway while the crowd huddles close to the asphalt, separated by barriers. Then the yellow Koenigsegg revs from the starting line, but the driver loses control momentarily when making the initial first turn. He regains composure and then zooms down the strip, but he suddenly loses control again and crashes into the spectators.

At least 15 people, including two children, were injured at the motor rally, as Reuters reports. A Jalopnik post says 19 people have been injured, four seriously.

Jalopnik adds the driver was apparently sober at the time of the incident. He is unharmed and is being questioned by police.

Videos of Sunday’s accident have been spreading online. One video tellingly shows the offending car in action just before the crash, as it loses control trying to make that aforementioned turn.

Another video shows medical personnel on scene to assist the injured, as onlookers chronicle the drama on smartphones.

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