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Venture capitalist Bilal Junaid, and his influential contributions in the tech world

Bilal Junaid is the founder of the venture capital firm Genblock Capital, and was also a top engineer in Silicon Valley.

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The constant advancement in technology can be credited to both the experts and the early investors who help with capital to fund their operations as well as important industry connections. Bilal Junaid has access to both. He’s currently the founder of the venture capital firm Genblock Capital, and was also a top engineer in Silicon Valley.

Bilal graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics Engineering. The time he spent in college allowed him to sharpen his skills to work in top companies in the technology sector.

Even when he was still studying, Bilal was working at technology giants such as Amazon in their Web Services division. After graduating University, Bilal became a software engineer for Prezi. He designed important parts of their system and website design. However after three years, he decided to leave and focus on creating a venture capital firm to invest in and support technology companies.

He started his firm in 2017, and since then, it has gained a solid reputation in Silicon Valley. Up till now, the firm has deployed more than $30 million in  120+ companies across Asia, Europe, and the United States. Besides funding, it also gives the tech companies access to it’s vast resources and network. By funding tech companies, Bilal can both grow his business and do his part in contributing to the future of technology.

Although Bilal is already known for all the help he has provided to technology companies, he’s still not planning to stop any time soon. He wants to offer more for the industry, and he has the knowledge, skills, and experience to perfectly play that role. His fund’s contributions to the tech industry are acknowledged and Bilal continues to find exciting investment opportunities and support the best founders in the space.

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