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Upgraded: the evolution of MacBook ownership in the digital age

Instead of shelling out cash for a brand new device, you can get an affordable, refurbished MacBook that works like new with Upgraded.

Photo courtesy Upgraded
Photo courtesy Upgraded

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If you’re sick of buying a new MacBook every time it starts to slow down, there’s a solution that’s just hit the United States. Upgraded is launching here after having found significant success in Scandinavia and beyond. Now, instead of buying another extremely expensive Mac, you can do your best work on an affordable and outstanding device—all you need to do is Upgrade!

Instead of shelling out cash for a brand new device, you can get an affordable, refurbished MacBook that works like new with Upgraded. For a low subscription price, your device will operate like new, fresh out of the box. How does Upgraded do it? Well, they take an older Mac and start by performing an inspection to see what they’re dealing with. Then, they conduct a military-grade data wipe and refurbish or replace small issues that might need attention. Just like that, you’ve got a reliable device you can purchase at a reasonable price that works at lightning speed, complete with all of Apple’s latest innovations. 

Upgraded is making keeping up with Apple’s latest tech a convenient and affordable experience. Thirty-six low monthly payments replace the one-time costly expenditure of replacing an entire MacBook. With this program, anyone can access the best tools that Apple has to offer without having to make a substantial downpayment. 

When outdated devices meet optimal performance, the tech industry is revitalized overall. There’s no longer a need to constantly save and plan for the next big purchase just to keep your Mac running. With Upgraded, you can afford to have the best tools available while using an affordable device!

John Metcalf, co-founder and CEO of Upgraded, has been on a mission to unlock access to the true power of the world’s premiere technologies—and he’s found success. Now, he’s an active member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), as well as the Global Shapers Community of the World Economic Forum. He’s also a frequent speaker at SXSW Interactive and the MIT Global Startup Workshop regarding the topic of entrepreneurship. Everyone’s taking notice of how his company is taking the tech industry by storm, redefining what it means to be a choosy consumer. 

Upgraded isn’t a rent-to-own service, a lender, or an Apple reseller—it’s a company that provides exceptional software to clients to make the Upgraded program possible. 

Before Upgraded, full memory storage slowly took a toll on the speed of a MacBook. People would plan to sell their old devices to help them purchase new ones, but those plans rarely came to fruition. Now, with refurbished and new MacBooks on the market and available on Upgraded, the cycle has changed. When you access the site, you’ll be able to purchase a new MacBook Air M2 with AppleCare+ included for as low as $39.67 per month. Then, in two years after time has taken its toll, Upgraded will ship you a new machine, a Thunderbolt 4 cable, and instructions on how to quickly transfer your data and wipe your old device. They’ll also provide you with a box so you can ship your old machine back to them at no cost. 

Upgraded is looking out for you and the environment by finding your old device a new home while refurbishing and circulating devices until they’re ready to be recycled. Take advantage of the new way of working by getting in on Upgraded’s program today!

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