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Unified workspaces to multi-cloud: Dell Technologies 2019

Dell Technologies World 2019 is running in Las Vegas and the event sets out Dell Technologies’ vision for the future. The event shows a focus on new ways of working and how technology can be applied to the workplace, especially for enabling companies to undertake digital transformation projects.

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Edge computing and the Internet of Things, together with data analytics are the types of technologies that are featured strongly at the 2019 event. These are linked with the key Dell brands — VMware, Dell EMC and Pivotal. In opening the conference, CEO Michael Dell presented a key message to businesses: “Every company needs to reimagine itself”. There are different ways to achieve this, and some of the technologies on offer provide the tools and approaches necessary to help set a business on a new course.

Unified Workspace

Dell’s Unified Workspace is intended to help IT transform the end-user experience and this is designed to fit in with Dell’s concept of the reimagined future of work. The Unified Workspace is intended to simplify the entire device lifecycle for information technology, while providing personnel with a personalized, frictionless, ready-to-work experience.

The Workspace idea is to allow IT professionals to support multiple clouds, deal with changing technology landscapes, assess changing regulatory requirements, and to meet the structural changes necessary within a company as it transforms its practices. With each of these there is a strong cybersecurity focus. With cybersecurity, Dell are investing in predictive analytics in order to improve threat intelligence.

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Hybrid cloud operations

Dell Technologies new cloud offerings are intended to deliver a robust operating model for hybrid cloud and for a multi-cloud service, which reduces the complexity of managing multiple clouds. A unified multi-cloud is important given that operating in multiple clouds has caused businesses to onboard several management consoles and disparate processes. In his conference address, Michael Dell states that the cloud will be essential for emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles.

The new Dell Technologies Cloud Data Center-as-a-Service offering called VMware Cloud is intended to provide public cloud delivery model to on-premises and edge locations.

Edge computing

As well as the greater data storage capability provided by the cloud, Dell acknowledge the importance of edge computing. This also has an application for autonomous vehicles, where data from sensors needs to be analysed and assessed quickly – at the edge -to avoid accidents. Dell are working on Internet of “intelligent” Things solutions located at the edge of the Internet, which is designed to work with the VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, allowing some data to held on the cloud and some data to be analyzed at the edge, depending on the critical nature of the operation and the need for real-time assessment.

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