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Throne, an NFT ecosystem, aims for mass adoption

Throne was co-founded by legendary music manager Gee Roberson, Grammy award-winning producer Nellee Hooper and a collective of crypto natives. - Photo courtesy Throne
Throne was co-founded by legendary music manager Gee Roberson, Grammy award-winning producer Nellee Hooper and a collective of crypto natives. - Photo courtesy Throne

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Co-founded by legendary music manager Gee Roberson (Kanye West, Drake, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj), Grammy award-winning producer Nellee Hooper (Soul II Soul, U2, Madonna, Bjork) and a collective of crypto natives, Throne’s focus is the next 100 million non-crypto users coming on-chain.

Amid the intensity around NFTs, two pertinent issues came into view: whether the process of creating tokens can be sustainable at scale, and whether the hype and inflated price tags often associated with NFTs will wind down to everyday, affordable transactions.

The founders at Throne believe they have the answer for both.

After nearly a year in development, structuring partnerships with blockchain infrastructures, collaborating with influential creators, and preparing to list their native token ‘THN” on multiple crypto exchanges, Throne an NFT ecosystem for the masses has big plans and is scheduled to launch commercially next month.  

Throne aims to introduce a new creative economy that is says is both scalable and sustainable. Allowing content creators to preserve distinct and verifiable content easier, and for everyone. Whether those just starting out on the NFT journey, or more established creators and brands.

NFTs are currently taking the digital art and collectibles world by storm. Digital artists are seeing their lives change thanks to huge sales to a new crypto-audience. And celebrities are joining in as they spot a new opportunity to connect with fans. But we are only scratching the surface, still 99% of the population has not minted an NFT, it’s just the beginning. 

“If Andy Warhol had been born in the late 90s, he probably would have minted Campbell’s Soup as an NFT” says Adam Strauss a former Nike Executive and the Chief Strategy Officer at Throne. He adds “we exist to champion the value of digital culture”.

Throne is supported by an ambitious team that’s committed to building a transformational product. Collectively, they bring together talents from both the crypto and creative communities, to the cultural realm. Their team have spent time at Google, Carbon, Universal, Facebook, Christie’s, WarnerBros, and Nike. Product and design teams have also designed NFTs, produced electronic music, paint, make films, and curate museum exhibitions, not your ordinary startup, but then again crypto demands more. 

“We’re interested in the bigger picture, how to get the next 100 million non-crypto users onto our NFT ecosystem, we designed it to be mass adopted” says Anthony Karter Blockchain Architect.

“Our motivation is different than some of the other platforms, we care mass adoptions  and bringing them on chain” says Beth Johnson Chief Research Officer at Throne.

Throne is scheduled to launch its token utility THN token this month and the marketplace next month.

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Saqib Malik
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Saqib Malik is Director & Head Of Business Development of Prestige Perfections, a world-class service provider in the fields of well-known artist management, digital marketing, PR, music production, reputation and crisis management.

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