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Three startups looking to make managing your finances easier


Qapital is an online bank (of sorts) that launched in 2012 offers a sleek and shiny way to help people manage their finances. With a Qapital account you get different checking accounts for savings and goals, a Qapital Visa card, their banking app, digital checks, and interest on all accounts.


NerdWallet isn’t a bank like Qapital, instead it serves to help users manage their money and compare prices and rates on everything from a new credit card to the best lenders for a home loan. In addition, the app analyzes user spending and produces a report complete with areas where you could be saving money.


Wealthfront is a financial services company offering a software-based financial advisor that can help users with financial planning, investment management and banking-related services. Using your personal goals — for saving, spending, investing… etc — the software will develop a plan and invest your money accordingly.

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Tech & Science

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