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The PT Cruiser Mania

The PT in Chrysler’s PT Cruiser stands for Personal Transportation. Not
since the Volkswagen New Beetle arrived in 1998 has a new model attracted so
much attention and debate.

The retro-styled PT Cruiser, out in showrooms in spring 2000, quickly got an
online fan club. Then there were reports that some car buyers in Texas were
so excited about the vehicle they followed the first PT Cruisers from the
Mexican factory to dealerships in hopes of snagging one of the eye-catching
new models.

The PT Cruiser looks something between a hot rod
and a London taxi and there
‘s nothing else quite like it, at least in new-car showrooms with a flexible
cargo and passenger space that offers an interior volume index of a minivan.

And the PT Cruiser is affordable. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price plus
destination charge starts at just US $16,000. Now you can see why some folks
are acting, well, a bit PT Cruiser-crazed.

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