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The Lanistar fundraising campaign has launched

UK Fintech company Lanistar has just begun its fundraising campaign, and this will be managed by Nextfin.[Sponsored]

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This is sponsored content written by Lanistar

UK Fintech company Lanistar has just begun its fundraising campaign, and this will be managed by Nextfin (a part of Business Agent Limited). The social-media focused company has developed a new and exciting banking alternative. Lanistar has already made a massive splash in the fintech world, and so it is especially exciting that they are launching this campaign now. The company has created a polymorphic payment card that can have up to eight cards stacked up onto one single Lanistar card. 

The company has recently launched in Brazil and they are intending to launch in the UK very soon.

Lanistar achieved an impressive 1 million pre-registered users in just nine months pre-launch, so just imagine how many users they will have when the fintech company launches. To highlight just how significant these numbers are, N26 had 200,000 users in its first year of trading, and Monzo had 50,000 users in its first year. Lanistar has blown those numbers out of the water pre-launch. Lanistar wants to issue 9 million cards internationally in the first year of trade, with a further 15 million allocated in year two. In comparison, N26 has 7 million customers after 7-8 years, whilst Lanistar hopes to gain more in just two years!

The company launched its fundraising campaign on Monday the 6th of December at 12:00 GMT.

Lanistar is embarking on a huge social media influencer campaign, and the fintech company has around 3000 influencers already currently marketing for Lanistar. However, they aren’t stopping there as the company has announced its plans to continue onboarding influencers. With this in mind, it is no surprise that Lanistar already has an impressive following of 260k followers. Comparing this to fintech competitor Monzo, they have 63k followers acquired over the last seven years. 

The creators of Lanistar are hoping that these impressive statistics will entice potential investors to take part in its fundraising campaign. It is an exciting time for the company, and they are generating a lot of buzz in the media. Lanistar plans to use the funds for further product innovation and global expansion. Investors will likely be attracted to this unique chance to own a part of Lanistar before its launch, and shares are expected be in great demand.

The company has found itself in the news a lot in the last year, and not all of it was positive. However, as the old saying goes, all press is good press. The founders have acknowledged the challenges they faced in 2021 but are adamant that they are on the right path to success. Lanistar is likely to remain in the news for the foreseeable future, and they are hoping the excitement around their brand will reflect in the funds they raise. This way, they can use the fundraise campaign to drive the company through the launch and towards their aim of becoming a global presence in the payment card industry.

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