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Technology News: Olympics spectator experience reaches new levels

Video review is nothing new, several sports leagues all across the globe use replay to get calls on the field correct, but for the first time, reviews will be used at the worlds most famous games.

Volleyball teams, both indoors and on the beach will used to challenge calls. A second referee will be on hand to review any challenge and all calls will be shown on big screens within arenas carrying these events. This should create more excitement with the fans, but more importantly, get the calls right for those battling for gold.

Long distance swimmers will get a boost with lap counters placed in each lane at the bottom of the pool. With each touch of the wall, the counters will automatically update, giving each competitor less to think about while trying to perform at their best.

Virtual reality is making its debut with the opening and closing ceremonies, along with one event each day of competition using the latest technology to give viewers a high-definition experience they won’t forget. Olympic Broadcasting Services will be the sole provider of this service, but it could lead to more service providers down the road.

Wearables have become all the rage with professional and amateur athletes and will have a big showing in August, but not just for those looking to win medals for their country. Visa has introduced a bracelet and ring used to pay for items. Much like the popular tap and go with debit cards, these items are linked directly to a bank, allowing users to leave a wallet or purse at home, making for a safer and easier experience when paying for anything at the Rio Olympics.

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