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Shopify launches new point-of-sale app for retail stores in U.K.

The new free app will let the reader work with either iPhone or iPad, making an amazing leap in tech integration. Due to its NFC contactless capability, the reader supports both Apple Pay and Android Pay to keep up with the newer mobile payment technologies. Shopify’s card reader hardware is priced £59, with a limited-time discount offer of -£20, but the app is free to use. Credit card rates will start from 1.6 percent, although no per-purchase fee will be applied. Product Growth Manager Hailey Coleman foresees that U.K. merchants may run their entire business with just Shopify, thanks to the new POS and card reader advanced functions.

Shopify is the leader platform in multichannel, cloud-based e-commerce platform design, and is used worldwide by at least 300,000 different business including large brands such as Red Bull, Budweiser and LA Lakers. Since its original launch in 2004, this platform evolved to include all types of small and medium-size business and manage several types of stores. The latest Shopify functions allowed many online and retail merchants to provide their services across many different sales channels — from web marketplaces to social media, pop-up shops and, obviously, mobile.

Mobile commerce did, in fact, make a massive leap in the last few years thanks to the many improvements in smartphone and tablet user experiences. Even if people are still a bit hesitant due to an often misperceived lack of data security, in 2015 online shopping made with mobile devices increased by 41 percent. In order to stay competitive in this ever-changing market, companies must rapidly adapt to the newer technologies as well as the latest customer trends and necessities. Lately, it seems that the most important aspect of any technological media, ranging from apps to video games, electronics, and entertainment, is the so-called “agility.” A platform must be quick, responsive, and easy to use, but even the business model must revolve around speed more than anything else. In this regard, Shopify is making a simple yet incredibly effective move to merge traditional in-store sales with the newer, more advanced e-commerce online shopping features in retail business.

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