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Samsung becomes latest firm to invest in Canadian AI talent

Samsung said the new lab will be used to “strengthen collaborative research” with some of the most eminent AI scholars. It intends to develop its expertise in fields including self-driving cars and computer vision. The company said the facility will be staffed by a mixture of Korean and Canadian students.
Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has been working with Canada’s AI research teams since 2014. The company’s partnered with Professor Yoshua Bengio of the University of Montreal, an expert in deep learning and artificial intelligence. Samsung also counts the University of Toronto, McGill University and NYU amongst its other connections in AI research.
Bengio’s students will work with Samsung researchers from Korea on several key AI algorithms. These will contribute towards Samsung’s development of autonomous robotics and advanced voice and image recognition systems.
The company said the collaboration will “strengthen” its AI capabilities, indicating Samsung’s newly-raised interest in the field. It is becoming reliant on AI to pioneer its future products through technologies such as Bixby.

Samsung is opening an AI lab in Montreal

Samsung is opening an AI lab in Montreal

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“The joint research with Professor Bengio has been a foundation for the development of artificial intelligence in Samsung Electronics, and Samsung AI Lab will be a momentous step for us to leap forward,” said Eunsoo Shim, Vice President and Head of Software Solutions Lab at SAIT.
The announcement is another significant milestone for Canada’s rapidly developing AI landscape. The country has pioneered many of the fundamentals of the technology and committed to long-term investment in its development. Until recently, there were concerns that too many of its world-leading researchers were leaving to join large tech firms based in the U.S. or Asia.
Coming only a fortnight after Facebook opened shop in Montreal, Samsung’s decision to invest in Canada shows the nation’s AI investment is now paying off. The two companies are joining firms including Google and Microsoft that have already opened facilities in the region. Montreal’s now the centre of a battle for AI talent, occurring on the doorstep of some of the world’s leading experts.

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