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Sakshi Jain takes the helm as Chief Growth Officer, paving the way for unprecedented growth in the subscription management space

Loop, currently partnering with over 2,500 brands worldwide, is poised for exponential growth under Sakshi’s strategic guidance

Photo by Shoper .pl on Pexels
Photo by Shoper .pl on Pexels

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Loop Subscriptions, the forefront innovator in subscription management on Shopify, proudly welcomes Sakshi Jain as the trailblazing Chief Growth Officer. In this key leadership role, Sakshi is set to spearhead Loop’s mission to revolutionise the landscape of subscription management for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands globally.

Loop’s commitment to providing a next-generation, all-in-one subscription management app on Shopify has positioned the platform as an invaluable resource for DTC brands seeking to elevate customer lifetime value (LTV). The addition of Sakshi Jain to the Loop team marks a strategic move to amplify this impact.

Sakshi brings a rich tapestry of experience from her illustrious career, having played pivotal roles at renowned companies such as Nestle and ITC. Her track record of driving successful new launches within tight timelines while upholding the highest standards & processes is indicative of her unwavering commitment to excellence.

Her expertise extends to identifying emerging channels, aligning product innovation, and driving service support to enhance category margins. With a keen eye for financial stewardship, Sakshi has adeptly handled brand P&L and managed marketing budgets worth millions, showcasing her strategic acumen.

Sakshi’s collaborative approach is evident in her close collaboration with sales teams across diverse geographical regions. Her hands-on engagement has not only provided crucial training but has also been instrumental in driving customer trials to new heights.

Operating within cross-functional teams and managing internal and external stakeholders across agencies, third-party manufacturers, retailers, and ecommerce players, Sakshi has gained a holistic understanding of how brands operate through her past experience. This comprehensive perspective underscores the heightened relevance of an omnichannel presence for brands in today’s dynamic market.

Notably, at ITC, Sakshi led a cross-functional team to successfully launch a new category of frozen foods across 10 cities. Her meticulous competitor analysis and consumer research laid the groundwork for a well-defined launch portfolio, brand positioning, and communication strategy.

With extensive experience in developing marketing communications and leading brands to growth, Sakshi is poised to play a pivotal role in driving growth for Loop. Her nuanced understanding of how brands operate and what they seek has enabled her to forge the right strategic partnerships for Loop, benefiting multiple DTC brands.

Sakshi’s diverse work experience spans across Power, FMCG, and non-profit sector, providing her with a unique perspective. Her educational journey at UC Berkeley and IIM Lucknow further enriches her ability to collaborate with individuals from different functional and cultural backgrounds which is extremely relevant to drive fruitful partnerships.

Loop, currently partnering with over 2,500 brands worldwide, is poised for exponential growth under Sakshi’s strategic guidance. Her appointment as Chief Growth Officer underscores Loop’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and continued success in the subscription management space.

Sakshi Jain, Chief Growth Officer, Loop:

“I am excited to join Loop, a company at the forefront of revolutionising how DTC brands manage subscriptions. I look forward to leveraging my diverse experience to drive strategic growth and partnerships, propelling Loop and its partner brands to new heights.”

Piyush Jain, CEO, Loop: 

“I am thrilled about Sakshi joining us. Her proven track record, strategic acumen, and diverse industry experience align perfectly with our vision. Sakshi’s passion for innovation and understanding of brand dynamics make her invaluable. We’re excited for the transformative impact she’ll bring to Loop in subscription management for DTC brands.”

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