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Pinduoduo champions “Tech For Agri”

Since its beginnings as an online fresh produce retailer, Pinduoduo has identified technology as the key to driving efficiency gains and boosting farmer incomes.

Pinduoduo: Tech for Agri
Photo courtesy Pinduoduo
Photo courtesy Pinduoduo

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Pinduoduo, the internet platform that connects millions of farmers and consumers directly through its interactive e-commerce platform, continues to spearhead its “Tech for Agri” effort in using technology to drive agricultural modernization.

Since its beginnings as an online fresh produce retailer, Pinduoduo has identified technology as the key to driving efficiency gains and boosting farmer incomes. The company has made its “Tech for Agri” vision a core priority, with a focus on increasing market accessibility through its e-commerce platform, improving digital inclusion and literacy through tailor-made online training programs, and fostering innovation to deliver a productivity leapfrog by promoting agritech solutions and horticultural breakthroughs.

“Technology will unlock the full potential of agriculture and allow the sector to reap the benefits of the digital economy. At Pinduoduo, we champion ‘Tech for Agri’ and promote the use of technology for agriculture.” — Chen Lei, Chairman and CEO of Pinduoduo.

Founded in 2015, Pinduoduo has grown to become a major digital platform with more than 880 million users. More than 16 million farmers have connected to the digital economy through the platform. The company has used the platform’s unique position to solve practical problems that consumers and farmers face.

Market Access

Pinduoduo’s digital platform has helped millions of consumers discover new agricultural specialties. Millions of farmers now have the opportunity to boost their incomes through direct access to a wider consumer market. The increased transparency and communication channel have led to more productive planning and coordination in food production and distribution.

Digital Skills

To ensure that farmers who are generally less tech equipped have the right digital skills and to enlarge the talent pool for agriculture, Pinduoduo has developed a comprehensive suite of online courses to teach farmers how to start and grow their online businesses. The company has trained more than 100,000 e-commerce savvy “New Farmers,” who have gone on inspire others in their communities to follow suit.

Fostering Horticulture Innovation

Pinduoduo works with top universities globally to explore how to fundamentally drive the productivity of agriculture while reducing its impact on the environment.

The company has been organizing annual Smart Agriculture Competitions since 2020 that challenge data scientists and agricultural researchers to develop practical precision farming technology as part of efforts to promote sustainable, innovation-led growth in agriculture.

The current edition of the competition involves a vertical farming challenge, where participants can gain first-hand experience of this innovative mode of agricultural production.

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