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New network of EV charging stations to reach from Norway to Italy

E.ON and CLEVER’s EV charge station network

EON-SE is joining with the Danish CLEVER company a Danish charging provider to build a network of fast-charging stations that will run all the way from Norway to Italy.

EON-SE is one of the world’s largest investor-owned electric utility services. It has headquarters in Essen Germany. The company operates in more than 30 countries and has over 30 million customers.

First stations in Germany and Denmark will open before next summer. The stations are to be placed at least every 180 kilometers or about 112 miles. This will enable cross-continental road trips by EVs.

In Norway, the two companies will partner with gas station chain YX. They will install ultra-fast charging units at 20 service stations across Norway. The chargers have a 150 kw power level. They can recharge a 400 km-range battery in just 20 to 30 minutes. The units can be upgraded to 350 kw in the future as they have a modular design.

The chargers are to be installed from 2018 to 2020 and will be located along Norway’s main highway corridors connecting Oslo with Kristiansand, Stavanger, Bergen, and Trondheim as well as neighboring Sweden.

CLEVER CEO Casper Kirketerp-Moller said: “We wish to create an ultra-fast charging network that enables EV driving from Rome in Italy to Trondheim in Norway – connecting the main motorways in Europe. Our presence in Norway will give all the EV drivers in Norway access to ultra-fast charging locally and in connection with the rest of Europe as we expand the network. Teaming up with YX secures some of the best locations along the main transport corridors in Norway.”

Kristian Korsvold the CEO of YX Norway said that the EV is an important part of the future. He noted that CLEVER already operated a professional well-established charging network in Denmark and Sweden. Together with E-ON Korsvold said CLEVER had the ambition of establishing the fastest charging network in Europe.

As more stringent pollution standards are set many auto makers are turning to production of EVs. Better driving ranges and more available fast charge stations may encourage more sales and in turn this will increase demand for more charging stations.

Kirketerp-Moller said: “We have to be ready for the mass adoption of electric vehicles. We need infrastructure and we need to reduce range anxiety. What we lack is a network connection cities and countries.”

Carmakers also join to set up charging network

Volkswagen, BMW, and Daimler are also teaming up to provide a network of 400 stations by the end of the decade. The auto makers are concerned about consumer worries about the usability of EV vehicles. Providing an adequate infrastructure of charging stations could well alleviate these fears.

CLEVER already operates 1,500 stations across Scandinavia and northern Germany. With the additional stations provided by the auto companies and the E.ON Clever plan, EV owners should have less concern about taking longer trips with their vehicles.

CLEVER and E.ON issued a joint statement saying: “Although, it is still early days, both companies are seeing a global shift towards electric vehicles. Countries as well as the European Union are beginning to make pledges to phase out petrol- and diesel-fueled cars and consumers and car manufactures are switching to electric vehicles.”

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