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New electric skateboard can be controlled via your iPhone

Acton’s new skateboard is called the Blink-Board, which was unveiled at CES 2016. The Blink-Board is smaller than a lot of other electric skateboards on the market, as it is only 26.5 inches long.

Peter Treadway, Acton’s CTO, said the Blink-Board is small and it can be brought virtually anywhere. Treadway added that the board weighs 10 pounds and it comes with a carrying strap.

According to The Verge, the Blink-Board should be more maneuverable than its competitors, due to the size of it. The board also has a top speed of 15 miles per hour and is powered by a 1500W motor. The board’s braking and acceleration is controlled with a Bluetooth remote, and you can use an iPhone app to control it too.

The iPhone app also allows users to check various stats and updates, which include speed and battery life.

The Blink-Board can travel for around 45 minutes on a full charge, or about 6-7 miles. The deck features custom patterned designs and is made from Canadian maple.

Those who are interested in purchasing the board will have to wait a bit longer because it will go on sale by the end of January and it will have a price tag of $500.

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