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Microsoft Releases Windows Millennium Edition

Windows Millennium Edition, also known as Windows Me, is the newest version of the Windows operating system. For the first time, Microsoft Corp. will focus its development efforts solely on ways that people use their PCs at home – for fun, convenience, access to information and communication.

With home users in mind, Microsoft has incorporated new features into Microsoft® Windows Me to provide people with the following benefits: A powerful multimedia PC for music, video, photos and state-of-the-art gaming. An Internet-enhanced PC for an even better online experience. A connected PC that’s all set to share resources and plug into a home network. A healthy PC that can help take the fear out of using computers

Not to be confused with Windows 2000, which is designed for business customers, Windows Me is the successor to Windows 98 and is scheduled for broad availability in September.

Windows Me is the platform that lets people get their creative juices flowing and just have fun with many exiting features.

People can take advantage of Windows Movie Maker to create and edit movies, then send them to others via the Internet.

Windows Media Player lets PC users play their favorite music right off of the Web or record their personal music onto their hard drive from a compact disc. Music buffs can create their own playlists and make custom CDs using a CD burner.

Windows Me makes it easier to acquire pictures from a scanner or digital camera and offers features such as previewing, rotating and printing. Users can create custom slide shows and send them to friends or use them as screen savers.

With the latest DirectX technologies built in, Windows Me is optimized for the best graphics and sound for PC gaming. And a new feature in Windows Me makes it faster and easier to find opponents online.

The Internet gives us boundless opportunities to have fun, do business and share and gather information. As a platform for taking full advantage of the Internet by making it easier for users to accomplish the following, Windows Me will provide rich online experience, so you might browse the Internet more efficiently.

Users can send documents directly to remote printers that are configured for Internet printing. With this feature a person can, for example, use a printer at the other end of the house without having a hard-wired home network. And the print preview feature gives people a way to make sure, at a glance, that their document is set up to print as intended.

Windows Me includes the Outlook Express messaging and collaboration client for sending and receiving e-mail and MSNTM Messenger Service, which lets users know when friends or family are online and allows them to exchange messages instantly.

Undoubtedly the wave of the future, home networking allows all kinds of home electronics technologies – from the entertainment system to the home security system – to communicate and work with each other, making it easier to program appliances, share devices and run a home.

Internet Connection Sharing in Windows Me lets multiple users in one household access the Internet simultaneously, using the same phone or broadband connection.

The Home Networking Wizard in Windows Me provides step-by-step directions for setting up a home network and supports today’s most popular protocols using Ethernet cable or home phone lines.

Compatible with the next generation of home networking devices, Windows Me supports the Universal Plug and Play specification, which allows many kinds of home appliances to interact with each other automatically over a home network.

Windows Me is promoted as a stress-free PC for home users. Today, people want a computer that does all the cool stuff and just works and Windows Me incorporates several enhancements that make PCs simpler to use.

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