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Michael Jackson Drives a Smart

(DJC)- Recently after visiting a Smart Center during a stay in Europe, the
American pop star Michael Jackson spontaneously decided to buy four smart
City Coup?s.

“If you want to avoid traffic congestion in the city, take the bus or train
or drive Smart,” said Mr. Michael Jackson.

Mobility is life itself, yet often no longer sheer enjoyment in towns and
cities. There are new solutions in the pipeline which involve your mobility.
The smart is the answer to the question of urban mobility. It creates space
for individual freedom of movement. Smart cars are the logical continuation
of the new philosophy: a convincing range of mobility services and products
from smart.

Smart is a sister company of DaimlerChrysler and represents the Group’s
fifth auto brand – the other four being Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and

Founded as a joint-venture in April 1994, the company was taken over fully
by DaimlerChrysler AG in November 1998. The headquarters in Renningen
currently employ 700 people. The City-Coup? is built in collaboration with
system partners in Hambach, France, where MCC France S.A.S. currently
employs about 700 staff and the system partners located in the factory park
provide work for a further 1,100 employees.

The smart City-Coup? was launched onto the market in October 1998. The
innovative vehicle concept and the brand philosophy behind it have developed
to represent a new way of thinking and working.
Process-oriented teamwork coupled with a high degree of responsibility
characterise the employees’ tasks. Smart is a young and multicultural
company where individuals make their mark. So, don’t wait, buy Smart.

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