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Meet the health technology expert behind the patient super app, Andromeda Health

Andromeda Health is an integrated healthcare platform (B2B) and a patient app (B2B2C) that responds to the growing complexity of healthcare

Photo courtesy of Andromeda Health
Photo courtesy of Andromeda Health

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As the population ages and chronic conditions become more prevalent, healthcare providers face the challenge of managing patients with increasingly complex needs, multiple comorbidities, and varying levels of care dependency. 

This complexity necessitates a shift from traditional care models to more integrated, patient-centred approaches that can effectively coordinate care across multiple providers and settings.

Experienced healthcare technology innovator David Vakhtangishvili recognized the industry’s need for an upgrade, resulting in his design of Andromeda Health. This is an integrated, comprehensive healthcare platform (B2B) and a patient super app (B2B2C) that responds to the growing complexity of healthcare. 

Vakhtangishvili’s vision for Andromeda Health is to create a comprehensive digital ecosystem that consolidates all components of healthcare, including doctors, clinics, hospitals, payers, and retailers, into a single, cohesive platform that provides truly uninterrupted journey for patients and substantial efficiency tool for the connected businesses.

A veteran in the healthcare industry

Vakhtangishvili is no stranger to developing innovative solutions in the healthcare industry. His extensive and multifaceted experience as Chief Information/Innovation Officer (CIO), Chief Risk Officer (CRO), and Chief Finance Officer (CFO) at Georgian Healthcare Group for over six years has provided him with an all-encompassing understanding of the intricacies of healthcare. These span finance, technology, operations, and business. 

During his tenure, Vakhtangishvili led the company’s digital transformation, developing state-of-the-art electronic health records/electronic medical records (EHR/EMR), billing systems, medical ordering and medical workflow management, supply chain, and inventory management from scratch. 

He spearheaded the largest software implementation in the country’s history, with over 12,000 simultaneous enterprise users. He also led the successful rollout of an innovative patient super app, a European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) global gold medal-winning innovation in healthcare in 2021. It achieved impressive engagement and conversion ratios within 18 months of its launch. 

“It was a daring experiment, with great results and great learning, in a US-like healthcare environment” – this is how Vakhtangishvili describes those innovations back then. 

Vakhtangishvili’s expertise also extended to building the largest consolidated data warehouse in the country. It implements group-wide business intelligence while establishing a robust cybersecurity and information security function.

According to Vakhtangishvili, this immersive experience at Georgian Healthcare Group gave him a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges and the pressing need for a more streamlined and efficient healthcare ecosystem. This exposure sparked his vision for Andromeda Health, which aims to address the complexities and inefficiencies he witnessed firsthand. 

“With the recent pandemic, healthcare delivery has been put in the spotlight,” Vakhtangishvili mentions, “making Andromeda Health a timely solution to enhance healthcare service delivery and make it more accessible, affordable, and user-friendly for all stakeholders. Transparency and improved data interchange have become significantly more important on the back of the recent legislative changes in the US.”

One point of access to all healthcare needs

Vakhtangishvili understands that in today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, the industry values having everything consolidated into a single platform, streamlined processes, efficiency, and a seamless user experience. He translated this idea into healthcare delivery through Andromeda Health. 

According to Vakhtangishvili, Andromeda Health simplifies the patient journey by integrating doctors, clinics, hospitals, insurance providers, pharmacies, and other healthcare components into a cohesive digital platform.

The platform reduces administrative burdens, increases sales opportunities, and unlocks new efficiencies for all stakeholders (connected businesses) by eliminating the need for multiple portals and applications as well as by eliminating human-factor errors and increasing precision rate. This consolidation enables more efficient care coordination and lessens the back and forth that may cause errors and delays, leading to improved access to services and better health outcomes. 

Moreover, Andromeda Health has partnered with Optum (a subsidiary of United Healthcare Group) to develop a unique AI-enhanced real-time and extended insurance eligibility solution. Vakhtangishvili explains that this collaboration leverages advanced technologies to streamline insurance verification processes, ensuring patients have seamless access to their healthcare benefits. 

“With Andromeda Health, there are no more relearning applications, memorising numerous logins, overlapping information, and jumping from one customer portal and applications to another,” Vakhtangishvili shares. “We’re here to maximise technology’s potential and use it to improve patients’ practical, day-to-day healthcare experiences.” 

A user-centric innovation

Andromeda Health’s vision of consolidating all components of healthcare into a single platform presents a unique challenge: striking a balance between comprehensiveness and user-friendliness. 

As a one-stop solution for doctors, clinics, hospitals, insurance providers, and patients, Vakhtangishvili admits that the app risks becoming overcrowded with information and features, potentially overwhelming users with its complexity. 

Addressing this concern, Vakhtangishvili shares how his team has meticulously designed the platform’s interface to be simple, intuitive, and adaptable to users with varying levels of technological proficiency. 

Andromeda Health ensures that users can access the specific services they require without being inundated by extraneous data through thoughtful organisation of information and features. 

A bright future ahead

Before its official U.S. launch in January 2025, Andromeda Health saw a positive reaction. In January 2023, it received $3.6 million in pre-seed funding, which covers the entire cost of product development and launching in the U.S. In January 2024 it partnered with Optum for a unique insurance eligibility solution, which is the cornerstone of all healthcare transactions. 

For Vakhtangishvili, this substantial investment signals a strong desire among key industry leaders to bring unprecedented efficiency to the healthcare system and a transformative shift in the U.S. healthcare industry. 

Through Andromeda Health, he and his team aim to revolutionise how individuals think about and interact with healthcare and how businesses (payers/health plans, providers, physicians and pharmacies) interact with each other and boost efficiency. They want to ensure that the digital future of healthcare is as promising as it is patient-centred.

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