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Man caught driving using laptop, phone and earphones

Shamed by YouTube channel Aberdeen Cycle Cam, the Land Rover Discovery driver can clearly be seen driving with earphones in both ears, his phone in his hand and his laptop computer perched on the central console of the car. All of these things are highlighted in the video.
The Aberdeen Cycle Cam YouTube channel which the video of the offender was uploaded to is maintained by a daily cycle commuter. Annoyed by the antics of drivers around Aberdeen City and Shire, the channel is devoted to naming and shaming drivers who commit traffic offences on the roads.
The channel description warns road users “Don’t want to be a star in my videos? Don’t endanger others. Drive properly, don’t be impatient and don’t be rude. Simple!” By using a head-mounted camera, the channel collects and collates footage of unlawful motorists from around the Scottish city, shaming them publicly online.
The Land Rover driver is clearly not paying full attention to the road though. The video uploader comments “Not only he’s not paying attention to the road, I suspect he’s not even on this planet.” Using a phone while driving is one of the most common offences a motorist receives. Using a laptop while driving is not.
Many people also use earphones whilst in their car. This is dangerous because it removes you from your surroundings, making you unaware of other people around you or the sirens of an approaching emergency vehicle.
The multi-tasking motorist in this video clearly doesn’t care though, continuing to drive off with the laptop open as the cyclist points out his shortcomings to him. The police are now investigating the incident.

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