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Ken Cox on his ability to bring unusual narratives around traditional products

Ken Cox, the President of Hostirian, is on a mission to revolutionize the perception of everyday technologies, such as email.

Photo courtesy Ken Cox
Photo courtesy Ken Cox

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Ken Cox, the President of Hostirian, is on a mission to revolutionize the perception of everyday technologies, such as email. With over two decades of experience in various fields, including software, SaaS, telecommunications, and electronic commerce, Ken has the expertise to bring his vision to life.

Ken has extensive experience in numerous fields, such as operations, project management, networking, startups, the Cloud, software quality assurance, data centers, risk analysis, and change management. “I’m putting my knowledge to use; to make the traditionally dull medium of email more engaging and attractive to new customers,” says Ken.  

Using his knowledge and the power of the internet and physical stores, Ken makes email marketing more stimulating and interesting. “They don’t want to market their product the way it has been marketed in the past because it is so boring,” he explains. Ken believes people plan to shift their focus and focus more narrowly on that sector of the market. “We believe that we have a product that has historically been widely uninventive, but we are here to change that,” says Ken Cox. 

Hostirian relies on the popularity of both; online and offline stores to alter the public’s perception of email. The people who care about privacy; business owners, opinion leaders, companies, and groups – are the ones they’re marketing to. “Things like community and not wanting the government to read their emails are discussed,” explains Ken. “Along with everything else that matters to these people.” 

Ken Cox has been with Hostirian, a St. Louis-based provider of internet services and data centers, since 1999. He held the position of Vice President there since 2006. After a decade, Ken was promoted to president in 2017. His passion goes in various directions, such as boxing and helping those in need. “I’m deeply committed to helping people and giving my best to enable them easier performances,” Ken explains.  

He point’s out that people only need to believe in themselves and their ideas. “No matter how silly or pointless it sounds to someone – just take action and make things intriguing and innovative,” says Ken Cox. “People didn’t want to spend their time sending emails, but now it’s more interesting than expected.” 

Because of Ken’s original take on conventional goods, the story now reads very differently. His commitment to novelty and willingness to take risks have breathed new life into tired products, making them again appealing to consumers. “By embracing change and being open to new ideas, we have shown that anything is possible,” says Ken.

Ken’s ability to look beyond the obvious and rethink conventional products has helped him stand out in a crowded marketplace. By relying on the dogma of the American author and motivational speaker Zig Zigal, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great,” he believes that taking action is the first step toward achieving your goals. Or, in Ken’s words: “Today is the day to initiate the pursuit of your goals. You can accomplish anything if you have the right attitude and put in the time and effort.”

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