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Israeli top digital marketing startups join Sharper Solutions (Includes interview and first-hand account)

Sharper Solutions is a company that focuses on complex digital transformation programs that will help the Israel’s leading digital marketing brands make the next step and reach the U.S. and Western European markets. The new streamlined approach will allow the different companies to align their visions as well as provide their clients and customers with a significantly more efficient media strategy to improve their advertisement campaigns, application development, and online visibility. By merging the four companies, their already extensive portfolio of clients will be expanded as well since they already include some leading brands such as, Samsung, Bank Leumi and United Airlines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated science that allows website pages to be featured at the top of a search engine front page. It is one of the most important strategic aspects of any online advertisement campaign that strives to provide visibility to a brand on the vast internet world. Although many companies boast their prowess in grabbing the first “sweet” spots on Google or Bing in just a few months, very few specialists in this marketing sector are really able to keep their word. Google’s algorithm is an ever-changing puzzle that keeps being updated, so any “secret recipe” is doomed to obsolescence after just a few months, and only a handful of SEO firms possess the tech skills and field experience to be successful in this continuous research process. However, to make the difference in this market, a company needs more than just SEO. Digital media marketing and advanced product development strategies need to be implemented to expand search engine campaigns visibility to the always evolving mobile technologies.

Merging the three Israeli startups under Sharper Solutions’s roof means providing the public with the best from all the worlds at once. The newly formed company has assembled an efficient team of world-class, super-specialized marketing technicians that will scale their outreach capabilities of their products. The partnership extends their global capabilities by providing them with a new network of offices based in the Middle East, North America and Europe.

During his interview with the Digital Journal staff, On Yavin, Founder and CEO of Online Performance, and Founder and UK CEO of Exactive Marketing told us: “I am excited about the opportunity to bring the three companies services to the United States, and to strengthen our future endeavors in SEO, digital marketing, and development operations.”

When we asked him how he was planning to make a difference once his company reaches the western markets, his answer was pretty straightforward: “Good service and great results.” He also pointed out that their results really speak for themselves. “The campaigns we run show thousands of keywords on Google’s 1st page, and we see a 300 percent improvement for clicks, impressions and other metrics. This partnership with Sharper Solutions will enable us to bring these results to a much larger audience, and allow us to maximize the services we already provide.”

But is this merging going to improve the services they’re going to offer to their current clients, too? Yavin seems to be confident about that: “We are able to combine SEO and digital marketing technology to achieve paramount visibility for our clients,” he explained. “We are working closely with Israeli start-ups to get our SEO and PPC, and other services to a much higher level.”

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