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Is the private cloud set to make a comeback?

A private cloud server is an isolated and secure environment made up of resources pooled from multiple servers using virtualization.

Photo by Joshua Woroniecki, <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Joshua Woroniecki, Unsplash

Building a fast and reliable cloud computing system represents an important area for most businesses, especially those undertaking digital transformation projects.

Looking into how the cloud computing landscape is set to change into 2022 is Rick Bentley, Founder and CEO of Cloudastructure, a cloud-based video surveillance company. Bentley provides a series of ‘start of year’ predictions to Digital Journal.

Private Cloud is Making a Comeback

According to Bentley we should: “Prepare for the arrival of the private cloud. Everyone loves cloud computing. You get all the computational infrastructure you want, often wrapped with beautiful and brilliant application layers, and you never have to manage a single server. The downside of the public cloud, however, can be terrifying. Your cloud host will keep your data, and the metadata around it, for as long as they want.”

Private cloud provides computing services to a private internal network (within the organization) and selected users instead of the general public.

Using your own servers

Bentley says that his “Pediction for 2022 is that there is going to be a start of a return to the private cloud. This will consist of applications that you run locally, on your own servers, and to which you keep the encryption keys. The third party who wrote the cloud application won’t be able to access your information, even if they wanted to. Everything will be at the VM/Kubernetes/etc. layer, so it’s a push button deployment that a third party will manage for you. You can run the physical servers on your physical property, or on machines that someone else hosts, even in some cases VM’s back in the public cloud (just with no access to the cloud provider to the data on those VM’s).”

Privacy and security

With the private cloud set-up, Bentley notes how “No one can take you offline. No one can read through your files or messages. When you delete a file, it’s really gone.”

Turning to the example of Cloudastructure, Bentley says this “offers the ability to host our cloud application on a customer’s servers. In this case, we set it up, we maintain it and then we have zero access to the video, or the ability to take the system offline. No one can sift through customer data.”

Therefore, a private cloud offers an enterprise more control and better security than a public cloud.

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