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Is a hybrid cloud strategy the best one for businesses?

Despite some concerns with security, with the changing landscape of workforces, many firms are considering a flexible data strategy. This is based on new data that reveals the infrastructure priorities of a thousand or so enterprise IT managers and executives. The key finding is that the use of a cloud alone is not sufficient to protect the data warehouse or the actual operational platform.

The survey finds that close to half (54.6 percent) say their cloud strategy is best characterized as a hybrid-approach (which means some workloads on-premises and some in the cloud). A hybrid cloud is a technological solution that combines the private cloud with the use of public cloud services. This is a configuration where one or several touch points exist between the environments.

The advantage of a hybrid cloud solution finds that the majority of executives say that 56 percent desire greater control over what is where. This means being able to customize the private end of their hybrid cloud model to their specific needs and then adjusting them accordingly as they see fit. Consolidating on a cloud-only platform that can never scale to provide the performance and concurrency needed for business-critical workloads, no matter how much is invested, represents a poor cost-benefit solution.

The typical arrangement is where the on-premises private cloud serves to host sensitive or critical workloads, and the third-party public cloud provider is used to host less-critical resources.

A further advantage is with the ability of IT staff being able to optimize the network. In addition, the workers report that their companies can obtain the security of a private cloud with the power and services of the public cloud through using a hybrid solution. A sizable number also report they can scale faster, through such an arrangement, without compromising sensitive data.

The data was compiled by Yellowbrick Data, who, in terms of transparency, are a hybrid cloud solutions provider.

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