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IoT platform manages devices via a ‘single pane of glass’

The new platform comes from AT&T and the focus of the cloud-based platform is with the Internet of Things for businesses, especially large companies that need to operate devices across multiple networks. The platform allows for access for different operators.

Called the Multi-Network Connect platform, the new control unit has been tailored for multiple access technologies including 2G1, 3G, 4G LTE, Low-Power Wide Area, and satellites. With satellites, the platform can work with the Globecomm Satellite IoT Platform and it will shortly be configured to work the Bridge Alliance Shared IoT Platform. These engines are configured for Industrial IoT service delivery. Regional issues have been overcome through the platform being configured to function across various operator networks.

The Industrial Internet of Things is proving particularly disruptive for many businesses. The process incorporates machine learning and big data technology, harnessing the sensor data, machine-to-machine communication and automation technologies. Many sectors are harnessing the potential of using data to pinpoint inefficiencies and problems more quickly and to support business intelligence efforts.

The Multi-Network Connect has been developed especially for industrial applications involving connected devices. The following video summarizes the platform’s functionality:

The key selling point is the ability to manage operations through a single dashboard, to enable users to manage diverse endpoints. The platform can be accessed from any computer with no additional investment in equipment or infrastructure.

Speaking with the website Smart2Zero, Chris Penrose, President, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T explains the advantages further: “Businesses are constantly deploying millions of connected devices around the world – everything from asset trackers and connected vehicles to smart cities and industrial equipment.”

He adds: “These customers come to us for help in managing their diverse portfolios. We built Multi-Network Connect to meet this need with one interface to manage all IoT endpoints through a single pane of glass.”

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