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IBM Takes USA-to-z on an e-business Tour

IBM Global Services assisted USA-to-z with the development of its
e-business strategy.

“USA-to-z provides a unique one-stop solution for consumers, content
providers and advertising partners with its user-friendly, branded
network of B2B and B2C vertical communities,” said Daniel Davidson, USA-
to-z Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “By distilling vast quantities
of information into simple, graphically-rich, manageable sites, each
with uniform navigation, USA-to-z will increase site traffic, enhance
user transactivity, and . build consumer loyalty.”

USA-to-z is the Internet’s first branded horizontal network of
franchised B2B and B2C vertical communities. is building a
network of easy-to-use B2B and B2C vertical portals or “Affinity
Centers(TM).” With a large portfolio of registered sites, a shared
infrastructure to support content publication and e-commerce, and a
network of marketing partnerships, provides
its franchisees or “Affiniates” the capability to rapidly launch and
derive value from their B2B or B2C portals.

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