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How to protect business premises during an Internet outage

The more the Internet goes down, the greater is the total downtime, and the bigger the business impact.

Internet cafes are an excellent place to work when there is no electricity or internet access in your neighbourhood. — Photo: © Digital Journal
Internet cafes are an excellent place to work when there is no electricity or internet access in your neighbourhood. — Photo: © Digital Journal

Websites such as HSBC bank, British Airways and the Playstation network were hit with widespread global outage during July 2021. This disruption is the second widespread outage in the past two months after high-profile sites including Amazon and eBay crashed at the beginning of June. These unpredictable crashes are leaving businesses around the world being concerned for the security of their site.

Downtime means lost customers

West Yorkshire-based digital marketing specialist, Fishtank Agency has been working with Salim Benadel, Managing Director of Storm Internet, to address the importance of practicing due diligence when choosing a reliable Hosting and CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider for a business website.

A summary of the output has been provided to Digital Journal and some important aspects have been extracted.

The website is the face of the brand

In terms of the key factors that should be examined when reviewing Internet use for an existing or future business, a review of the report shows the following considerations that each business needs to consider. These are:


Availability is also referred to as uptime. This consideration ensures the business website site is online and available to your customers all of the time. When this doesn’t happen, this is often the consequence of weak servers and unstable network connections.

Proactive management is important and it should not be down to individual customers to report a problem as this will often prevent customers from making return visits.


Strong security is essential and becoming increasingly more important as cloud computing becomes more prevalent (and with it, possible threats increase).

Customer support

Ensuring the website meets customer needs is of great importance, especially when operating a 24-hour service. Some Internet providers will have a team on standby constantly monitoring the availability of customer websites and systems, and this is a recommended service to engage.

These measures are important to worth through since website downtime is a serious threat to business, often leading to customer dissatisfaction.

As the digital world continues to expand, for many types of companies the website should be the topmost priority and stand as essential for digital transformation.

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