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Honda Unveils Customized Civic SiBy The Rock Group Incubus

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. will begin showcasing the all-new Civic Si, custom designed by the multi-platinum rock group Incubus, at arenas across the U.S. as part of the 2002 Civic Tour presenting Incubus starting in Portland, on April 11. This unique Civic Si features custom details from American Products Company, Falken Tires, KMC Wheels, Inc., Pioneer Electronics and Sprint Performance Suspension.

The Incubus Civic Si has many special elements, foremost, the unique paint job. Sprawled across the entire customized car, intricate double fish artwork was created with a radical new Chameleon paint scheme that changes color with each viewing angle.

Jose Pasillas, the drummer for Incubus, originally designed the fish as a tattoo, which both he and singer Brandon Boyd have inked on their arms. The design subsequently showed up as the artwork on the band’s current CD, Morning View. “I’m a fan of koi fish and Japanese art,” says Jose. “Me and Brandon designed a fish that we had tattooed on our bodies and it just happened that it looked cool on the Morning View CD. When it came time to designing this car, it was just an ongoing thing that seemed like a good idea.”

The car’s audio system, manufactured and customized by Pioneer Electronics, features a single CD player DEH-P8400MP that boasts dual motion and dual display motorized face with an organic full motion EL display. The unit is also MP3/WMA and CD-R compatible with a Pioneer Superturner III and XM Satellite Radio control. To boost the juice to the speakers, a 480-watt, 4-channel GM-X564 power amplifier has been added. On the receiving end of all that power are four TS-D160R 6.5 inch 2-way “Rev” series speakers for serious performance and image. To even things out, a TS-W3041C 12-inch 800-watt VCCS Pro Component Subwoofer delivers the heart pounding bass.

American Products Company custom made an F91 360 degree body kit specifically for the 2002 Honda Civic Si, which adds a lower stance and aggressive styling. Adding to the effect is a stainless steel Intimidator Series High Performance muffler with a 5-inch diameter polished exhaust tip.

Sprint Performance created the suspension, manufactured from the finest chrome silicon steel and performance powder coated to last a lifetime. The sport lowering coils for the 2002 Civic Si lower the vehicle two inches in the front and rear.

With the help of import car show legend LJ Garcia, KMC Wheels, Inc. created a new wheel for the Front Wheel Drive import market. The Wizdom is a one-piece, seven-spoke18″ x 7″ FWD design with a 2.5-inch polished lip.

Incubus’ Civic Si features Falken Tires, model GRB-451. These tires are of the ultra-high performance type, and are Z-rated for high -speed performance, with a radical new tread design for the demanding driver.

Says Incubus’ DJ Kilmore of their Civic Si, “It’s signed by us, it’s got a killer stereo, the rims and tires are smokin’, and it’s a pretty hip car for the modern driver.”

A special touch, requested by Incubus, are the custom floor mats, embroidered with an image of the band’s mustachioed mascot, Chuck, who pops up repeatedly on Incubus’ album and Web site artwork.

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