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Health Warnings on British Mobile Phones

Mobile telephones will carry health warnings after a government
committee found that public concern about using the phones was
reasonable, the Observer newspaper said on Sunday.

The 12-strong committee, chaired by William Stewart — former Chief
Scientist to the Cabinet Office — is expected to publish its findings
next week.

Although there is no scientific proof that mobile phones can make users
ill, the warnings would tell people to be careful about where and how
long they use them, the Observer said, quoting a source close to the

“The public must be in a position of choice. At the moment they feel in
the dark,” the source said.

The report also would ask for national guidelines to be drawn up on the
construction of phone masts and their positioning, the newspaper added.

Earlier this month consumer magazine, Which? reported that hands-free
kits designed to protect mobile phone users from radiation actually
channelled three times more of it to their brains.

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