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Google aims to use recycled materials for all hardware by 2022

The Google pledge extends to Pixel phones, Pixelbook laptops, Google Home speakers and other merchandise. The decision follows companies like Dell, who are more advanced in the technology stakes. In addition, Apple, has recently announced an expansion of its own environmental programmes.

With Google, the first products to use recycled materials will be Chromecast streaming devices and Google Homes and cases.

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In a statement, Google’s Anna Meegan (head of sustainability: consumer hardware) said: “Basically in every single point of the process and in every single product, we’re going to be asking these questions and making these decisions.”

By 2022, Google is aiming for all ‘Made by Google’ products to include recycled materials. This will not mean every part is fashioned from recycled materials; more that each product will contain some recycled materials. The aim is maximise recycled content wherever possible.

A further pledge is for all shipments moving to or from customers will also be carbon neutral. To date Google has succeeded in lowering its carbon emissions for product shipments down by 40 percent (2017 compared with 2018).

Google has also indicated, as PC Magazine reports, the sustainability goal will take “many years of collaboration” across the company’s vast supply chain to fully achieve.

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